Draft Mediation Bill update

Tánaiste Announces Intention to Publish Mediation Bill.

The Tánaiste was responding to an oral PQ posed by Deputy Josepha Madigan

Wednesday, 13th July 2016: “I welcome the announcement by the Tánaiste and Minister of Justice, yesterday in the Dáil, that she intends to publish the long awaited Mediation Bill in the autumn,” stated President of the MII Sabine Walsh, who was commenting on the Tánaiste’s response to an oral PG posed by Deputy Josepha Madigan in the Dáil yesterday.*

“This legislation will promote mediation as a viable, effective and efficient adjunct to court proceedings and the enactment of the Bill has the potential to divert many civil and commercial disputes from our courts and save billions in the process,” said Sabine Walsh, President of The MII. She added, “There appears to be widespread political support in the Oireachtas for the Bill and there is now a great opportunity for this Dáil to demonstrate its effectiveness by enacting the Mediation Bill as soon as possible.”

Draft Mediation Bill 2012

The previous Programme for Government called for the encouragement and facilitation of mediation to resolve civil disputes. The programme stated that mediation would deliver significant cost and time savings for businesses and the State, and the MII has demonstrated significant savings can be made through mediation. The MII estimates that legal costs in relation to civil cases in 2011 are estimated to have been €1.17 billion – a huge figure considering our current financial situation. This figure is calculated from figures contained in the 2011 Court’s Services Annual Report. The formula takes costs claimed by the winning party, multiplies this by two to get the costs for both sides of the case and then takes account of the fact that 90 per cent of civil cases are settled before Court. The MII has estimated that litigation costs relating to civil cases in 2010 was €1.3 billion and in 2009 it was €1.2 billion.

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