Kennedy Institute International Conference

The following news has been received from the Kennedy Institute:


We are organising an International Conference on Creative Responses to Conflict through Mediation and Restorative Practice.

 The conference will be held here in Maynooth from 4-7th September. I have attached a copy of the programme.

 Well known professionals with a long track record in mediation will be speaking at the Conference, such as:

 Jennifer Beer USA, Michael Lang USA

Dale Bagshaw  Australia,  Michelle Le Baron  Canada

Thomas Dorg  Norway, Janine Geske  USA

 Jane Gunn, the Corporate Peacemaker and author of the recently published “ How to beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom”  will be of particular interest to commercial mediators.

 There is an Early Bird for our friends of  € 200 available until 30th June. 

Or see this file:

Kennedy Institute International Conference (PDF)



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