Members’ Evening and AGM, 19th June 2014

Guest Speaker Robert Gallagher,

Central Expenditure Evaluation Unit Public Expenditure


 Legal Services – “Avoid, Minimise, Recover”



Dear Member,

I look forward to meeting you at 5:00 pm on Thursday 19th June. Our Members Event is being hosted by PwC at their iconic offices on North Wall Quay.

The Government has recently published a Report on legal spend in the public sector and noted “Consulting with stakeholders from across the legal services market, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform has learned that ADR is rarely used in the Irish system. As noted above, the use of ADR in the first instance is compulsory in the United States. Greater use of these techniques should be explored in the case of Ireland and could lead to significant savings.”

We are delighted that Robert Gallagher, Head of the Central Expenditure Evaluation Unit, has agreed to speak to ICMA members about their Report on Public Expenditure on Legal Services – “Avoid, Minimise, Recover”.

You will also get an update on the work of your Council, a Q & A session and a chance to chat over a glass of wine.

Please let Cathy know that you can come and I look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards

Austin Kenny


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